What is an endorsing agency? What makes APBM unique?

It is an ecclesiastical organization recognized by the Department of Defense to place men in the military as chaplains. No person can serve as a military chaplain without the endorsement of an agency. The agency continues to represent its chaplains before the military Chiefs of Chaplains and provide guidance, training and counsel to its chaplains.

APBM is unique because we are strictly a local church ministry. We operate under the authority of Calvary Baptist Church, to assist other churches to place their members into the military as chaplains. APBM considers any man who is a member of an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church.

Do military chaplains receive pay from the government? What does APBM charge for their services?

Yes, they receive pay and allowances like any other officer. APBM as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church supplies all the help and support to the chaplain at no cost to him or his church. We are a necessary agency for endorsement and support. As such we provide administrative and pastoral care for our chaplains, as well as making a point of travel to the Pentagon for the annual endorsers meetings, and visiting the installations where our chaplains are assigned.

APBM (CBC) does not charge for this endorsement, though any donation or offering to offset the cost is deeply appreciated.

How does APBM relate to the local church?

No chaplain can be endorsed to the military chaplaincy by APBM without the Pastor of his church authorizing us to do so. Once he is in the chaplaincy, his local church is the final authority regarding doctrinal or practical matters concerning the chaplain. We work alongside the local church to provide the help support and aide that the chaplain needs to keep performing their duties. We represent the local church to the Department of Defense and look to local churches for prayer, financial support and recruitment.

Where and how do you find chaplains?

We visit seminaries across America as well as churches, and religious conferences to recruit Bible-believing men. Often, we receive contacts from other chaplains or ministries regarding the chaplaincy.

Are military chaplains allowed to preach the Gospel in the chapel?

We are happy to announce that all APBM Chaplains are allowed and expected to preach the Gospel in military chapels across the globe. They give public invitations (altar calls) in the chapel services. Not only in the chapels, but in all kinds of settings, our chaplains are proclaiming Acts 4:12 ‘Neither is their salvation in any other; for there in none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.’

Can chaplains win souls for Christ?

Yes, many of military men and women, as well as their families, are saved each year through the preaching and personal evangelism of our chaplains. These include all ranks as well as civilians and retirees.

As a part of the regulations given by the Department of Defense, the chaplain is required to “propagate the faith of his endorser” in all matters.

Does a military chaplain have to give a service for all denominations, i.e., Roman Catholic, Jewish, Islam?

No. Chaplains are ordained and endorsed to represent their Faith Group. A “Protestant” Chaplain would never be allowed to provide a Roman Catholic Mass. Confusion often comes when the chaplain is expected to assist the military person for religious services. The military requires each chaplain to provide for the religious needs of the command, but not necessarily conduct the service or ministry. A Chaplain will never be required to operate outside the faith and practice of his endorser.

How does a chaplain’s wife fit into his ministry?

Obviously, it is important for the wife to fully support the Chaplain ministry of her husband. Separations are difficult on all family members. Each chaplain and his wife have to decide the extent of her involvement in the ministry. If the chaplain has the privilege to pastor a military chapel congregation, his family would be a welcome part of the ministry as in a local church.