The story of All Points Baptist Mission (APBM) really goes back to the founding of Calvary Baptist Church of New Philadelphia, Ohio by Pastor Gary Forney, which was constituted in October 1968.  Pastor Forney resigned in 1974 and Brother Don Snow was called as pastor in June 1986.

In October 1996 God began moving upon the heart of Bro. Forney to establish a mission agency to specifically address the need for missionaries in the circumpolar regions of the world.  Shortly thereafter, Pastor Don Snow invited Bro. Forney to bring Points North Baptist Mission (PNBM) under the auspices of Calvary Baptist Church.  Since its beginning, PNBM has been a ministry of this local church and has been accountable to it in all things.

The philosophy held at Calvary Baptist Church, being that all ministry in this New Testament age must fall under the jurisdiction of a local church, began to come to the attention of missionaries called to places that did not fit the Arctic specific template of PNBM.  The year 2003 found Pastor Snow and Bro. Forney discussing and praying about how best to address the need of these God called men and women.  In January, 2004 Dr. Robbie Morrison was brought into the picture to found and direct All Points Baptist Mission as a sister ministry to Points North Baptist Mission, also under the direct auspices of Calvary Baptist Church.

In 2006, Calvary Baptist Church/All Points Baptist Mission was approved by the Department of Defense as an Ecclesiastical Endorser for military chaplains.  Independent Baptist Chaplains have subsequently been placed in all branches of the United States Military.

As the need to streamline these two mission agencies, both out of Calvary Baptist Church, became increasingly obvious, a merger was called for.  This merger was initiated in January, 2015 and has henceforth been completed.  The name All Points Baptist Mission has been retained to reflect our belief that the field is the world, with special emphasis upon circumpolar regions and the military chaplaincy.