The Next Generation

Psalm 22:30

Bro. Ryan Overfelt

   It has been our privilege to work in the Heirloom Seed Project Ministry as a part of All Points Baptist Mission since the fall of 2017.  Since that time God has continued to challenge our hearts about the needs and the burdens that teenagers and young adults face who grow up in Missionary, Chaplain’s, and Ministry homes.  In this time we have learned that struggles and decisions of life, and the problems that sometimes happen in ministry, can take a toll on young people and have a large impact on their lives. Sometimes even more than what we see on the surface.
     It was through Psalm 22:30-31, and time spent with missionary families, that God placed a burden on the hearts of Dr. Robbie, and Mrs. Carol Morrison for the need of the Heirloom Seed Project.  It was through their burden and desire that God also broke our hearts for the needs of these young people and their families as well.
     God has already blessed this ministry in some miraculous ways!  It is through God’s help and leadership that we desire to go forward for His glory. The goals and desires He has given us for the Heirloom Seed and Royal Seed Projects really are these.
     1.  That ministry young people would see their value in God’s sight, and to know that
          God loves them.
     2.  To understand their identity in Christ. (I Peter 2:9-10)
     3.  To have Bible victory over discouragements and hurts they have faced.
     4.  To know God’s will and seek God’s best for their lives.
     5.  To build Godly and lasting friendships where they can encourage one another.
     6.  To realize that they are not alone in serving God.
     7.  To choose to be, “accounted to the LORD for a generation.”  (Psalm 22:30)
     8.  That they would reach out to their generation and the next with the Gospel of

Heirloom Seeds…

This Ministry is specifically for the teens of missionary families, military chaplains families, and pastor’s families. Our prayers are that God will help them overcome the pressures and problems that often come with ministry, and that they will find their joy for life in following Jesus.

The Annual Summit

The Summits are week long retreats specifically for missionary, chaplain, and ministry youth.
It is a time of refreshing, relaxation, challenge, encouragement, and spiritual growth. It is also a great opportunity for them to make close friendships, and encourage each other in the things of God. Our prayer is that God will use each, “Victory Session,” to encourage and challenge these young people, and to help them gain the victory in the spiritual struggles they are facing.
God is doing amazing things through these Summits!

Royal Seeds…

The Royal Seed Ministry is designed specifically for single young adults of ministry families.
God has really been blessing this ministry, and we are watching as God has been using this ministry to help these young adults to go forward for Him! To God alone be the glory!