Puerto Rico Relief Fund

We have just heard from APBM Missionary Andy Sharpeta on Viesques Island, Puerto Rico.  He was able to borrow the Mayor’s satellite phone to make the call, the only one on the island.  Andy, his wife and four children are all safe.  Anything built of wood on the island is pretty much gone.  They have enough food and water for the time being; most folks do not.  Andy has been given a line of credit to get food for distribution to people who are without.  He has a small generator that helps for some things, but I imagine that gasoline will be a problem shortly.

We have yet to hear from Missionary Ed Bauman.  They are on the big island of Puerto Rico.

We are setting up a relief fund for victims of hurricane

Maria on Puerto Rica.  This will be administered by All Points Baptist Mission through our missionaries, the Sharpetas and the Baumans (assuming the Baumans are OK) and will be an important part of their ministry now for a while.  Anyone wishing to give to this effort may do so by contacting the APBM office.

Thank you for your consideration,


Gary E. Forney – Executive Director
All Points Baptist Mission
A ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, New Philadelphia, Ohio


Make all checks payable to the address below. You may also send a payment from your online banking, with our payee information below. Please be sure to include “Puerto Rico Relief Fund” to assist with support designation.

As always, 100% of all designated money is sent on directly to the missionary. We do not charge anything to handle money for our missionaries, however PayPal does deduct 2.2% from each gift, plus $0.30 per transaction. A tax deductible receipt is returned for each gift, by mail or email.


All Points Baptist Mission
PO Box 977
New Philadelphia, OH 44663-0977

If you wish to donate online, please use this Paypal Button. Once you are logged in to PayPal, please specify whether the donation is to be specifically for the Bauman Family, the Sharpeta Family, or as a whole, the Puerto Rico Relief Fund. (i.e.. “E. Bauman”, “A. Sharpeta”, or “Relief Fund”). The Missionaries will receive all that is donated, except for what PayPal deducts for their service.

To receive a donation receipt, please share your mailing address through PayPal, or contact the Mission Office with your email address.