We left the house about 9:30am on a Friday morning. It was still dark outside and about –3 Fahrenheit.

The snow machines and boggans were loaded with our gear and we were ready to go hunting for moose. We headed down the trail and crossed the river.

As daylight began to appear and we wound our way through the willows, I saw a dark brown figure in the distance. We knew right away that it was a moose and my friend and I pointed our snow machines in that direction.

As we drew close we saw that it was a large cow. We had already decided to only shoot a bull. After several hours of hunting we finally came upon a group of four, three cows and a bull.

The time has finally come to get in our position to get a shot. We parked the snow machines and waited. And waited. They were about 700 yards out and we wanted them to get within about 200 yards. Finally, the bull stepped into range, and lifted his head.

The shot rang out and the bull hit the ground – I GOT HIM!!!

Now the real fun starts. First skinning, then quartering and packing it home. Below are a few pictures of the process. One moose yields about six hundred pounds of meat. Lots of work but well worth it!!

Todd Holland

Norman Wells, NT