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All Points Baptist Mission is a local church ministry operating completely by faith. This ministry does not require its Missionaries or its Chaplains to pay a fee, nor is there a percentage or a dollar amount taken out of the support sent through us. It is our belief that to charge a servant of God for what we do would not be consistent with biblical principles. Nonetheless, it does take money to accomplish the work that is set before us, and although our church is doing all it can, it is not enough to cover the entire cost of this ministry.

It is the job of the local church to grow, train, and send out missionaries. It is not optional, but a command to each Christian that we reach the world! That being said, not every church is able, whether physically, or monetarily, to properly be a sending agency for their own missionary, so we stand ready to assist churches in this endeavor.

Would you consider coming along side of us, as we partner with local churches to fill this great need?

All support designated to a missionary, special missionary project, or the Missions Office should be made payable to All Points Baptist Mission, and sent to the PO Box address below. Please include the first initial and last name of the missionary in the memo of the check.

Mailing Address

All Points Baptist Mission
P.O. Box 977
New Philadelphia, OH 44663

A receipt recognizing your gift to the ministry of All Points Baptist Mission will be sent to you. All gifts are tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a contribution electronically, most banks will allow you to send a payment through your Online Bill Pay to the address above. Please include the name of the missionary in the “Account” or “Memo” field of the transaction.